Keble Participation Challenge 2018

Count me in!


Keble 150th Anniversary Participation Challenge (ends midnight, 31 July 2018)

Over 55% of all Keble alumni have supported Keble students through the Talbot Fund. This year, your gift will release extra funding to help ensure that students at Keble continue to thrive. We would love to count you in! Keble will allocate every penny of your gift to the area of your choosing. Your support is hugely appreciated - THANK YOU!

The Challenge: As Keble’s 150th Anniversary approaches in 2020, two alumni donors feel so strongly about Keble that they’ve offered an incredible incentive - £150,000 for the 150th Anniversary Campaign

  • Up to £150,000 available to match gifts, made before our financial year end, from alumni who’ve not yet made a gift this year

  • All regular gifts will be matched with an extra £250
  • Regardless of size, be it £20 a month or £20 a year – your regular gift makes a huge difference for students on a daily basis and adds real strength to Keble’s ability to plan ahead.
  • All single gifts will be matched with an extra £100
  • Regardless of size, be it £10, £15 or £150, your gift enhances College life for all Keble students and combines with gifts from all Keble alumni for maximum impact.

This extra £150,000 will give a terrific boost to our funding and benefit all students!